We supply only the best feed from Eagles Rock Feed Mill.

Eagles Rock Feed Mill forms part of the Kuipers Group and was built as part of the group’s expansion in 2006. The mill services integrated customers as well as independent producers. The mill’s focus is mainly on monogastric animals, including broilers, breeders, commercial layers and pigs. The facility is equipped to produce feed in bulk as well as 50kg and 1ton bags.

Ingredients used in our feeds are in accordance with legislation, and procured from reputable sources to ensure good quality. Innovative buying strategies and opportunities are followed to ensure competitive prices in the market.

High quality products are produced with the customer’s requirement in mind. A dedicated team of technical personnel is always looking at ways to improve products and customer performance. NIR technology is utilised to ensure that the basic quality standards of every delivery is met. Routine analysis is performed by a selection of accredited independent laboratories on multiple other quality measures.

What feed do we supply?

Broiler Feed

Broiler production has seen dramatic changes in the past decade or two, due to the breeding companies being able to select and drastically improve the growth rate of the animals. To keep up with these changes, stakeholders across multiple disciplines has to continuously look at ways to keep up with the bird’s changing demands. Everything from environmental management to vaccination and nutrient supply has to be optimal to ensure profitable production.

At Eagles Rock Feed Mill, different diet ranges were developed to meet the needs of different farming operations and management systems. As feed accounts for around 70% of the input cost, bird performance in conjunction with profitability, is of the utmost importance.

Eagles Rock Broiler feeds are produced in Crumble and Pelleted form. The facility has the capacity to add oil post pelleting, which is mainly applied to high-density diets. This enables the factory to produce these diets without compromising on pellet quality.

Layer Feed

Commercial Rearing

To sustain persistent egg production up to a late age, it is of the utmost importance to give birds the correct start. Pullets need to achieve the correct body weight and frame size as well as a good flock uniformity to achieve good results.

Registration Period (Weeks) Feed Intake
Beforelay Pre-Starter V 22349 0 - 2 220g/bird
Beforelay Starter V 20759 3 - 5 650g/bird
Beforelay Grower V 20760 6 - 10 1700g/bird
Beforelay Developer V 20761 11 - 16 2800g/bird
Beforelay Pre-Layer V 22348 17 - First Egg 500g/bird

Entirelay Range

This range is well balanced with protein and amino acids to maintain egg size and production, but has slightly lower energy level than the Eggcelerate Range. This range is optimally used in operations with average environmental conditions.

Registration Period (Weeks) Feed Intake
Entirelay 20 V 19601 Up to 40 weeks 115g/hen/day
Entirelay 40 V 19603 40 - 60 117g/hen/day
Entirelay 60 V 19604 60 - Cull 119g/hen/day

Eggcelerate Range

This range is well balanced with protein and amino acids to maintain egg size and production. This range is optimally used in operations with good environmental conditions.

Registration Period (Weeks) Feed Intake
Eggcelerate 20 V 22175 Up to 40 weeks 112g/hen/day
Eggcelerate 40 V 22172 40 - 60 114g/hen/day
Eggcelerate 60 V 22350 60 - Cull 116g/hen/day

Breeder Feed

With increasing growth rates associated with genetic selection for broiler production, came increased challenges for the Broiler Breeder farmer. Management practices, as well as nutrient supply has to adjust to this ever-changing bird.

Achieving the correct body weight and composition in rearing will support persistent production and hatchability. Flock uniformity is of utmost importance and will ensure good results.

Registration Period (Weeks)
Breeder Pre-Starter V22589 0 - 3
Breeder Starter V22588 4 - 5
Breeder Grower V22587 6 - 15
Breeder Pre-Breeder V22584 16 – 22
Breeder Phase 1 V22582 23 - 39
Breeder Phase 2 V22583 40 - 60

Pig Feed

The ultimate quality of pork is defined by many factors, including genetics, nutrition, health and environment. The challenge of the feeding program is to achieve the best possible carcass in the shortest possible time at an affordable cost under a specific set of genetics, health and environmental conditions.

Registration Period (Weeks)
Maxipig Creep V 22836 3 - 8
Maxipig Weaner V 22344 9 - 13
Maxipig Grower V 22343 14 - 21
Maxipig Finisher V 22345 22 - Market
Maxipig Sow & Boar V 22585 Dry / Lactating Sows
Maxipig Lactation V 22586 Lactation

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